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you want icons? request them! (icon requests)
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note from moderator:
please please please use the lj-cut tag if you are posting large and/or multiple images

this is for consideration for people who have this community on their friends list.

this is an open community so please ensure that any icons that you post can be observed by anyone at any age without problems. Any offensive icons or language used will be subject to warning and in the future banning from the community. please do not make me take this action on anyone as i find it distasteful

if you ask anyone for their password, you will be banned...asking for a journal password is a violation of the user's privacy.

also...please stay on the topic of icon creation...posts on this community asking for lj codes and whatnot are just plain rude. don't do it.

Also, give credit to the creators, no exceptions!

thank you

brought to you by originalicons...

the icon requests community is for those who would like to have some snazzy icons for their livejournal and for those who like to make snazzy icons...

all you gotta do is post that you want an icon (if you have specifics ideas, type em out) and hopefully some artistic livejournal soul will make one for you and post it in the comments.

artist and requestees join, be good and have fun! ^_^

...for icon making tips and tricks creaticon

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